Why Plastic Mega Bins Are Better Than Steel Mega Bins

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The mega bins have multiple uses in industrial, commercial or residential areas. The mega bins help to consolidate different things or items in on mega bins and then can easily move to another place or dispose of them. There had been a debate that which material is better for mega bins. Usually, mega bins were made in steel but now when the plastic is easy to make, so the trend is shifting towards [plastic mega bins. There are merits and demerits of both materials but plastic mega bins seem to be more appropriate due to many reasons.  


Steel mega bins are made of steel and in comparison to plastic, the steel is a bit expensive. Yes, one can argue that steel has better endurance and durability but if the plastic is of high material and high gauge then you can also get the strong plastic mega bins. This seems to make economic sense when you can have stronger mega bins even close to steel at a lesser price. Also plastic doesn’t need polishing after the regular interval, usually, their colour will remain the same as it was at the time of its production. The colour will fade but in the case of steel, the steel will get rust over time.  


The mega bins itself can carry a lot of weight. If it will be made of steel then the steel structure will itself has a considerable weight. Whereas the same size of the mega bin in plastic will have reasonably less structure weight than steel one, and it can carry an equal weight than its steel counterpart. This makes its ideal when you want mega bins on the wheels. As especially in many industrial units, mega bins are usually on the wheels. So lighter the bin it will be easier to move.  


Due to plastic, the bin can be made in different shapes. Because plastic allows flexibility and different mould can be made. So it is easier than steel. To build different bin in different shapes. This means that plastic mega bins can be made in custom-built shapes as per their utility. As there are numerous advantages of plastic mega bins but their also some disadvantages. The plastic mega bins can contain toxic, so it is not suitable for any food application. Also, the amount of plastic used in making bin is very high and at the time of bin’s disposal, this plastic will end up as plastic pollution. If the plastic mega bins should be made then it should be ensured that recyclable plastic must be used. Plastic is less heat resistant then steel, so if you want to pour anything hot in the bin then it is better to use steel bin because, after a certain temperature, plastic will be melted along with the liquid. plastic-mega-bins