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custom sticker printing

The custom sticker printing are the industry’s best assembly invention, the most monetarily established additional completion. Scodix connects between the SPOT UV and the 3D pitch sticker printing elevated finish in both contact and eyesight. Limitations on subtleties have been liberated from the completion, and the minimal influence of SPOT UV light has been met to address the current top level of money.

Accessible in transparent (used in print shading areas) custom sticker printing or in metallic (foil) finishes, Scodix stickers got one of the fastest possible extravagance bundling steps.

This can be used as a name for items, used for greeting decorations or for rare days.


Black business cards are manufactured in different periods and available in various stocks of dark paper. It incorporates sticker printing obvious and textural versions, which often have varying thicknesses between their reaches. Dark business cards are absolutely uncoated, 100% reused and it’s an unbelievable thing to picture strong nights as the separation between nature and gloom. It is custom sticker printing accessible to convey moderate details with metallic printing, improved completion, decorated letterpress finishing and metallic finish (or colour foil finishing).

Exemplary and polished consequence is the uncoated concept of the paper and the metallic complement. In addition, it leads to several sticker printing other finishes to make one of the excellent business cards. These dark business cards for outstanding antique wheat are all suggested

CARDS DEBOSSED and embellished:

Simple and surprisingly trendy, blazoned custom sticker printing are exemplary and quench without shouting. As Leonardo da Vinci used to say, ‘Straightforwardness is definitive in sophistication.

Embed Visitor Cards use an impact where the images or texts on the opposite side of the Visitor Card create an elevated front surface. Simple and elegant, so simple!


Our antique and art business cards are a warm but prestigious piece, natural and environmentally friendly. If custom sticker printing organisation has a harmless message to the ecosystem, or you simply tend to a common and natural look, our art business cards are an extraordinary choice. Nowadays, sticker printing our reality is quick and angry, so in the centre of this whole innovation


Renowned, trendy, polished and the most serious…

If you need a sticker printing that will differentiate your profile, our excellent business cards are a very clever decision. There are several options to suit you, very charming and with more than 100 distinct traditional and finished stocks. Any aspect of fine custom sticker printing art can be applied to the bottom to make the styles even higher. We appreciate how important it is to be a benchmark for your company and our excellent business cards will help you achieve this.For more information, please visit our website at