Cleaning Of Headstones And Things To Check Before Cleaning

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Gravestones often called granite memorials are being used on the graves from a long time. They are attached with the grave for differentiating from other graves of the graveyard. These are used as a monument to write something about the dead. The special achievements and wonderful memories are written on these gravestones. But due to certain climate changes the gravestones need to be clean overtime. The cleaning of the ancestor’s gravestones refreshes your memories with them.

Sometimes the damage occurs on gravestones which cannot be reversed to its perfection. So, timely cleaning and repairing are good to prevent such damages due to weather condition. As gravestones have been used for a long time the legacies of our ancient heroes and ancestors are stored in them. These stones help the researchers to find about them but before knowing about them cleaning is required.

Important things to know before cleaning headstones

The first thing is to consider whether the stones requires cleaning or not because every time cleaning is not the solution. Gravestones are also known as headstones or tombstones.

When cleaning is required

 Basically, there are two major reasons for the cleaning of gravestones

Its surface can be get covered by the plants and dust. Plants and acids on them can slit the stone into pieces if not care for a long time. The continuous presence of dust on stones can become part of them after a long time.

The presence of dust and plants can cause darkening of stones appearance and removal of written words about the legacies of the dead.

So cleaning is the only option to keep these stones safe from such circumstances.

More factors to consider

 Sometimes cleaning is not necessary. You should examine the following factors before planning to clean the gravestones.

You should determine that the stone is looking dirty due to dust or natural ageing factor of stone. This is because the stones like marbles cannot seem the same as it was, at first sight, its colour changes due to reaction with certain natural elements and rains.

The next thing you should understand that sometimes it is too late. Before cleaning you should check the quality and strength of stone. As cleaning requires to put some efforts on the stones or some friction process. The dirt doesn’t get away so easily. You also need to use some chemicals for cleaning which can also more soften the surface of the stone. Thus there is more chance for the splitting of stones. Do not apply force on already damaged stones or such stone which quality cannot be judged. The best approach is to let such stones as these are.